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Creativity Starts Here

Welcome to the online home of International Creative Director Birgit Waites. With experience that spans everything from large corporations to emerging small businesses, Birgit is a visionary force in the world of design. 


Having lived across multiple continents, Birgit brings a truly international perspective to every project. Despite her numerous and varied experiences, the guiding principle remains the same: that creative design should always speak volumes about the brand, and help its products or services to stand out in a crowded marketplace.


From managing large-scale projects across multiple divisions of major corporations, to creating compelling social media campaigns to support small business growth, Birgit understands that every project begins with listening to the customer's needs and wishes. Birgit's innovative spirit and ability to leverage technology and design to tell powerful stories have made her the go-to creative specialist for clients all around the world.


Whether you are a global player in need of top-tier artistic solutions for your brand or a small company seeking beautiful design to create the best possible first impression for potential customers, Birgit's experience, creativity, and commitment are unmatched.

Nothing brings Birgit more joy than leading creative execution for brands, individuals and companies.

Let's bring beautiful and meaningful experiences to life together! 

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